This course was designed to help chapters under 30 members build their membership and grow their JCI impact. All chapters can benefit from the strategies and learning put forth in this module.

Welcome to JCI USA's Recruitment Training Module. The content of this course is designed with the best practices in creating a membership plan, designing an effective message, and making the sales "ask."

Are you ready to bring new people into the leading global network for young, active citizens? This development opportunity is for you!

Recruitment Course Curriculum

What's included?

22 Videos
1 Multimedia
15 PDFs
Coeus Creative Group
Coeus Creative Group
Course Creators

About the instructor

Coeus Creative Group's product is behavioral intelligence. We deliver that product through exceptional training opportunities, compelling marketing campaigns, and innovative business strategies. Our core deliverable's include: 1. Fully Integrated Marketing Solutions (website design, graphic design, traditional print, advertising, social media campaigns, video production, and overall marketing strategy), 2. Training and Development (keynotes, large and small group workshops, online learning, executive coaching, leadership and management development, workforce skill building, custom full and half-day seminars, and facilitation), 3. Strategic Planning (SWOT analysis, goal setting, research, internal and external communication, succession planning, business planning, problem-solving, and innovations).

What others have been saying about this course:

JCI USA invites you to take the opportunity to learn how to grow your chapter and make a positive impact in your local community. This course is a no-cost resource for JCI members and chapters. Course creation was paid for by generous donations from our Foundation.

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